Sometimes you miss people or moments and then you realize you are actually missing something which is not real anymore, cause we change all the time, don’t we. Time goes by and we go with it; we sometimes kinda erase the past, make choices, willfully exclude what was previously part of the picture. And we go on and we put aside, forget, or pretend to do so. And so it works, one day you stop, look back at your life and ask yourself: did that actually ever happen? Sometimes though it’s just a moment: it’s a smell, a tune, a picture, whatever. All of a sudden you are there again, at some point in the past. Everything feels fucking real again for a few seconds and then fades away. And there you stand – in the middle of this vague feeling – wondering whether we can really forget, or if it’s just a trick of the mind to allow us to move further, instead of getting stuck in an endless, pointless melancholy. Life is now, after all.


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