About democracy.

Come on, are we REALLY considering Brexit and Donald Trump? What the hell is going on? How come we are apparently more ignorant, closed-minded and scared than ever, in spite of all the possibilities we’ve been given?


Today is a defeat, no matter the result.

Europe was a dream, how did it become a nightmare? I wish we could ask people “How do you want Europe to be?” instead of “Do you want to leave or remain?“. Cause the last one isn’t really a democratic choice, it sounds way more like a take-it-or-leave-it blackmail. Democracy is much about participation and involvement, it has nothing to do with the passive resignation I’ve been perceiving lately. It has nothing to do with this top down economics, with this pretentious science which has no soul, nor contact with reality. The referendum candy is just a dangerous illusion. Whatever happens today, I hope we will be able to take back our right to choose which kind of Europe (which kind of world) we want to live in.

szandri brexit


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