It’s hard to give a shape to certain feelings. I struggle to find the right words in the attempt to define them, but every word I try doesn’t fit somehow.

Something happened, and what in the past would have made me suffer now makes me smile. It’s a strange, beautiful feeling, similar to the imperceptible sound of two  puzzle pieces which finally connect the right way. Far from eachother, yet part of the picture.

The past feels so far away, it almost belongs to someone else. Where is that young girl, so scared of what people could think of her? Where are those lonely nights spent listening to sad music or dancing til late? Those long silent walks in the middle of the city noise, chewing questions with no answer.. such as: does pure love even exist without suffering?

I have so many thoughts hidden inside, so many floating words, but no one would listen right now, and for once I guess it’s just ok.

I’m happy and a smile will do just fine.


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